Late Night Bites

Friends With Benefits Fries

French Fries with Chopped Chicken Tenders Maple Bacon Crumble and a Drizzle of Hot Honey

Swipe Right Sliders

PB&J Burger Sliders with Bacon Jam on Toasted Potato Buns

Hot Chicks Egg Rolls

Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls Drizzled with Homemade Ranch

Bodega Egg Rolls

Bacon Egg and Cheese Egg Rolls Topped with Spicy Ketchup


Late Night Sweet Treats

3am You Up? Donuts

Fried Dough Balls with Strawberry Compote and Nutella Drizzle

Sneaky Link French Toast

French Toast Bites Tossed in Cinnamon and Sugar with Maple Bacon Crumble


No Bev?

Cotton Mouth Quenchers

Refreshing Lemonade and Fruit Punch or Twist

Late Night Pick Me Up

Bottle of water and a liquid IV

Fresh Brazilian Limeade
soup on bowl
soup on bowl

Sweet Creamy Limeade with a Punch of Sour Lime